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Make Advance Trucking Solutions Inc. your full service logistics planning company. We offer freight, cargo, transportation services and more.


The following is an overview of the transportation and logistics services that we provide:

  • Full Truckload (FTL) – teams

  • Less Than Truckload (LTL) – teams

  • Logistics Planning & Design Services

  • Crossdocking

  • Short and Long Term Storage

  • Local Distribution

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We maximize the efficiency of all of your shipments regardless of size. Rely on the Advance Trucks team to provide dedicated truckload deliveries for non-critical freight — single-destination or multi-drop shipments as required. Most of our trucks are driven by teams giving us a bigger advantage and faster service allowing your shipments to get to where it needs to go in half the time. Leverage our top-tier service at cost-effective rates for optimal routes: local, cross-country, cross-border and irregular routes. Our advanced dispatch, fleet processes and technology are in place for your peace of mind. We plan, design and deliver your load on time, at the lowest rate without compromising safety.

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We develop optimal routes to maintain efficiency and effectiveness of our fleet. Our dispatchers coordinate with each client to maintain optimal communication. Throughout the route we monitor the freight using satellite and consistent communication with our drivers. Strategic planning and execution of the destined cargo route is an important aspect of our service. Rely on us to coordinate all of your inter-modal transport. We provide logistics services including cost analysis and freight management. Our North American network of secure warehouse facilities provides an exceptional range of locations. We’re where you need us, when you need us with the best service.

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