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Advance Trucking Solutions Inc. has become an established and dependable transportation provider since our inception in 2009. We have grown from one truck & trailer to a fleet of 50+ trucks, spread across North America. Our head office and main terminal are in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, with plans of opening additional terminals in Texas & California USA.


We were founded with the following five principles:

  • Safety and Security : Our trucks, drivers and customers’ cargo is monitored 24/7. We always employ safe and secure measures on the road, and in all areas of our business practices.

  • On Time Performance (OTP) : We are committed to delivering on time so you can deliver on time. OTP helps us and our customers to keep operations running smoothly. We offer live tracking links for our trucks and trailers so you can also remain informed.

  • Respect : We listen and empathize with our customers to understand their needs and see how we can help. We also maintain an open door policy to welcome all ideas to improve ourselves.

  • Excellence : Our employees’ training never ends. Professional skills upgrading is ongoing. We believe that one of the best ways to grow our business is by helping our employees grow.

  • Reliability : You make one call, we do it all. Guaranteed. Our commitment to you is managed through clear communication and our promise to deliver on our values.


  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST EXPRESS)

  • Advance Commercial Information (ACI)


  • C-TPAT

  • U.S. Protection Agency Protection: Smart Way Transport Partner

  • Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)


  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – US Dot Number



We go the distance! We provides an integrated delivery fleet solution.

Full truckload or less than truckload, long haul or short, we understand your need to run leaner without compromising safety or reliability.

Modern fleets (4 years or newer) have increased reliability and lower operating costs which means more competitive rates for our customers.

Our integrated approach saves you money by:

  • Satellite tracking and monitoring of your cargo 24/7 from departure to arrival

  • Pooled and parked trailers

  • Scheduled routes

  • Low fuel surcharges


At Advance Trucking Solutions Inc. we take the safety of both our drivers and the public on the road, seriously, very seriously. It’s that simple. Our commitment to safe operations is prevalent throughout all branches of our business.

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